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Over two millions pesos worth of imported Caribbean pine trees from New Zealand have been transplanted all over Northpoint, augmenting the existing trees and other plant life of the property and further greening its already verdant surroundings.

These pine trees are of an all-weather variety that regenerates quickly and grows to towering heights. Now growing robustly all over the property, the pine trees will give Camella Northpoint a cool and refreshing ambiance with the pleasant scent of real pine.

Imagine coming home to the refreshing sight and fragrance of Caribbean pine trees scattered within the manicured landscape, with inviting pocket gardens and promenades full of colorful blooms, and a natural stream meandering slowly and freely around the development. It is a balm to the body and spirit after an earnest day’s work in the urban jungle of north Davao.

Northpoint’s Caribbean Pines - more than just trees

While Northpoint has several characteristics that set it apart from other condominium developments in the region, being known as a virtual pine estate is a distinction only this British colonial themed condo community can truly claim. It is host to hundreds of imported Caribbean pine tree currently growing on its grounds, bringing unparalleled value that goes beyond the obvious.

Greener, fresher surroundings

As a condominium community at the heart of north Davao’s urban growth area, Northpoint is unlike other city-based condominiums surrounded with a hard environment of concrete buildings and cemented grounds. While Northpoint’s condominiums are concrete structures, they were built to blend with its natural surroundings and sloping terrain dotted with trees.

It has its own vista of greenery -- verdant shrubs, preserved olden Acacias, and the towering pines tree that give off a fragrant whiff of freshness. After the city’s hustle and bustle at the end of the day, it’s always a joy to arrive at a fresh and relaxing home environment others will be hard-pressed to find anywhere within the city.

Fresh oxygen year-round

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants and cleanse the air, ensuring fresh air for Northpoint homeowners whether they are indoors or out enjoying the amenities and green outdoor. Nothing beats inhaling fresh oxygen the moment you wake up and the time you come home to Northpoint.


When pine trees shed its needles they contribute organic matter to the soil, naturally fertilizing it. This can improve overall soil quality of Northpoint’s grounds, helping to grow healthy trees and other plant life. As the roots of these evergreen trees bind and hold the soil, it can reduce soil erosion and slow down water movement during a heavy downpour. It protects Northpoint’s grounds from gullies and soil slips that can be created by surface run-off.

Buffer to city noise

Urbanites want the convenience, proximity, and modern comforts of living at the heart of the city, but at the end of the day, they want some peace and quiet as they wind down at home with family and look forward to a good night’s sleep. They can do exactly that in Northpoint as city noise and the din of traffic are buffered by the towering evergreens that can grow to a hundred feet tall.

Shade and shelter

These coniferous trees offer a natural shade from the hot rays of the sun. Even when the sun shines at its strongest, these evergreens still give off a fresh ambiance. Its girth and height also provide shelter against strong winds and hard rain, protecting not only the homeowners but also Northpoint's condo buildings. They are also home to nature’s wildlife such as birds, creating a thriving micro ecosystem within the pine estate.

Feel-good ambiance

With pine trees and its cones associated with the holiday season, the good feeling is never far away. It’s that sense of happiness and good cheer one gets when the holiday spirit is felt. At Northpoing this feel-good ambiance is present all year round.

These Caribbean pine trees are more than just a pretty sight; they bring unparalleled value to Northpoint that goes beyond aesthetics. To find out how to make this pine estate your home, visit the Camella offices at Delgar Bldg. (fronting Northpoint),

JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City, telephone (082) 221-7016 or 09321300050.

Preserving Ancient Trees

Ancient trees can be found in Northpoint, still standing majestically amidst the modern development that is taking place around them.

The mature trees living within the property of Northpoint, believed to be as old--if not older--than the White House (now called The Mansion) have been preserved by Camella for environmental reasons. It has also contributed aesthetically to the overall look of the property.

Northpoint does not own just a patch of green, it has a whole vista of fresh natural surrounding that makes it a pleasant setting for families and friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

Imagine walking on the property’s well-kept grounds to admire the beautiful trees, looking up to its wide branches that provide cooling shade, seeing its limbs dance gracefully with the fleeting wind, and hearing the leaves rustle gently in the passing breeze. A natural encounter gives one a sense of peace and comfort.

A Seamless Union of Contrasts

Northpoint is an attractive union of contrasts. It is located within the throbbing growth area of the city, yet its property is a serene and natural haven where one can easily forget the hustle and bustle of city life.

Its tranquil and relaxing setting invigorates its homeowners to face the next day’s toil in the modern world, and afford them more time and energy to enjoy all the urban luxuries that are close to their home.