Camella Northpoint, the British colonial themed condo development of Camella Communities, starts to take shape within the heart of north Davao’s emerging business and commercial district, earning this early a reputation as a premier project with a living proposition that is unmatched by any vertical projects in the city.

But beyond the condominium development lies a more compelling character that have yet to unfold, one that is undeniably rooted in the rich history of Davao and the land that Northpoint stands on.

It all started in the early 1900s, when a Scotsman, Robert Ker, arrived in Davao to establish his own abaca business. Ker had been engaged in abaca trading since the 1800s, and came to Davao to build his own plantation. He acquired a property that overlooked the Davao Gulf, building a white European-inspired house that became his home and base of operations.

Ker leased the neighboring lands to expand his plantation, and others in the community started to grow abaca to sell to him. By the 1920s, Davao had become the center of abaca production in the Philippines, a large part of it owed to Ker and his business undertakings.

Ker ceased his abaca operations in 1961 but continued its distribution business, leaving the plantation house to become the residence of the Davao branch manager of Ker & Company up to the time it was sold to Camella in 2009.

While Scottish by birth, Ker had become one of the Davaoeños, fondly remembered by the people, especially descendants of his many employees who tell stories of him bestowing his land to their families.

This bond was strengthened by the citation given by the National Historical Commission to Ker & Company as one of the top 10 oldest companies in the Philippines. Ker had become an indelible part of Davao’s rich history, as one of its foreign inhabitants who became purveyors of commercial development.

Until now, even as the property takes new shape with the construction of the condominiums, the people of Davao, or at least those who knew of the original owners of the property, still nurture good memories of the Scotsman.


Northpoint, The Next Destination In Davao

The Vision

Camella Northpoint, the landmark mid-rise development of masterplan developer Camella Communities, is more than just a British colonial themed condo community. It will offer a unique blend of history, music, culture, arts, gastronomic delights, and the strengthening of family traditions - all the necessary elements that make for a good living.

The Northpoint experience will be made possible with the commercial development that will take place within the vicinity of the White House, now called The Mansion, just outside the gate of the posh condo community. Take stock of the vision for Northpoint and visualize the elevated quality of life it offers.

Bistro Café

Bistro Cafe

A bistro café in Northpoint can provide gustatory delights that one can enjoy after a leisurely stroll on the grounds to gaze at the majestic trees or simply enjoy the cool breeze and the refreshing green sights.

People can enjoy the breezy natural environment with piping hot coffee or a refreshing cold drink served by a quaint bistro café on the green grounds. Kids can frolic on the grass while waiting to be served their orders of pizza and other home-style offerings that make for a gratifying family dining experience.

Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel

The creation of a boutique hotel within the commercial area of Northpoint provides more opportunities to further push the property’s image. The White House can be a potential reception for the boutique hotel where homeowners can billet visiting friends and relatives.

The hotel can be built with the hallway to the rooms facing the highway to serve as a buffer that dissipates the din of traffic. With the rooms on the other side, its windows or balconies will have a vantage view of the pine-dotted property and the White House in its entire splendor.

The boutique hotel can feature a handful of shops like a deli, specialty stores, or gourmet shops that provide a light, lifestyle commercial center for the convenience of guests, all designed to blend with the hotel’s theme.

Gallery / Museum

Gallery or Museum

A small gallery or museum of sorts gives Northpoint a more interesting character than the usual condo development. What makes this more special is the fact that the museum will feature genuine Japanese artifacts - believed to be relics from the Japanese war - found during the excavation of the property.

The museum can be enhanced with art and music by Davao’s artists and those from its creative sector, and perhaps even feature a gallery of the work of famous Davaoñeo painters. This makes Northpoint an intrinsic part of Davao and its culture.

The museum can be placed within a tunnel created with one end from what can be the parking area at the sunken part of the property, and the other end at the higher level of the undulating land. Visitors can take an exciting walking tour within the tunnel, viewing the artifacts on exhibit on their way to the other end where perhaps a gazebo and maybe even a wine bar awaits them.

This feature takes Northpoint a notch higher, attempting to blend local history and international appeal, yet framed within a local setting that is evocative of Davao’s character as a melting pot of history and culture.

Natural Park

Natural Park

With its verdant surroundings, stately trees, and fragrant pine trees, Northpoint is undeniably a natural park in itself. Imagine creating a park within that park setting, situated in the middle of the development, enhanced by quaint gazebos, a coffee kiosk, and seating areas where friends can chat under the trees and families can hold Sunday picnics and engage in other activities that further strengthen ties with their loved one.

Enhancing the green surroundings of Northpoint and creating a charming park that allows one to commune with nature attests further to the company’s regard for the environment.

Outdoor Amphitheatre

Outdoor Amphitheatre

An outdoor amphitheatre gives opportunities for social and cultural growth in Northpoint, as it hosts events like a gala concert, school recital, play, party or a ball, and other forms of entertainment and social events.  The amphitheatre provides venue to help create the ideal Filipino family lifestyle of enjoying a social and cultural experience together.

Boardwalk and Wooden Decks


A boardwalk allows people to enjoy Northpoint’s verdant, undulating land, making it easy for them to take a leisurely stroll as they take in the beauty of the environment. Multi-tiered wooden decks that look like terraces and outfitted with seats will allow families to lounge around, tell stories, chat, and share good laughter. Even those who prefer to go at it alone can laze around the decks and admire the majestic acacia trees and breathe in the aromatic scent of pine trees.

Gastronomic Destination

Gastronomic Destination

Food in Davao is as eclectic as the origins of its diverse people, and with fresh produce, seafood, and meat abounding, the gastronomic delights it can offer are endless.  What makes the Davao food experience unique is how its local chefs, culinary experts, or foodies create their own version of a popular dish with a Davao flavor to it.

Northpoint provides a perfect backdrop for a gastronomic experience, when it plays host to Davao’s signature chefs as they whip up their concoctions for families and guests to savor while they enjoy the natural ambiance.

The gustatory encounter becomes a pleasant memory that one will associate with Northpoint, giving it another tag as a gastronomic destination in the city.  It can become a desired venue for a periodic culinary event or food festival, or a chef’s demonstration by Davao’s finest chefs.  It can even extend to social events like wedding receptions, a group celebration, or intimate family gatherings.

Combine the taste of delectable cuisine, the pleasing company of family and close friends, and the ambiance of the majestic White House and its beautiful environs, and it becomes a signature Northpoint experience.

Extending the Landscape

Extending the Landscape

Northpoint is located proximate to a concrete flyover that makes public transportation convenient. The din created by traffic can be buffered by noise barriers built with an architectural twist to it, making it not only functional but also aesthetically appealing.

Underneath the flyover is a potential landscape opportunity, an area that can be made up in a similar fashion as the surrounding landscape of Northpoint.  It gives the eye a seamless sweep as it looks at Northpoint’s manicured scenery and goes all the way across to the flyover’s landscaped underside.

This can potentially spawn beautification efforts by nearby establishments, upgrading the total look of the immediate community and contributing to the overall appeal of this part of the city.

The Northpoint Experience

Northpoint Experience

As one enters Northpoint, one can easily enjoy everything it offers. The specialty restaurants that serve signature dishes.  The quaint cafés with its delectable offerings. Specialty shops that are unique and distinct in character. The natural park within the property’s already park-like setting.

The museum with its breathtaking artifacts. The exciting manmade tunnel. The multi-tiered wooden deck and seats that hug the undulating land. The charming boutique hotel. The outdoor amphitheatre that hosts social and cultural gatherings. And of course, within the heart of this commercial development, the White House - dignified, revered, and symbolic of the good life.

Just a stone’s throw away from this inimitable commercial development is the posh condo community with its abundant nature, upscale amenities, and all the urban conveniences of a modern residence, the perfect home base for an elevated quality of life.

These are the stories of Camella Northpoint.  All put together, they capture the essence of living the good life.  And good living is what Davao is all about.